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“I love when members see the savings!”

We asked Bryan Heagy, our Lending Manager, what it felt like helping members save money when they refinance their bank or dealer auto loan with Marin County CU.

“Honestly, I think people are really surprised how much we can save them and how little effort it takes to do,” Bryan said. 

Bryan Heagy, Lending Manager

An average of $100 cash savings every month

Bryan said that members in the last couple of months are saving an average of $100 every month. “That’s money they could put in savings, pay off other debt or use for the holidays. I run the numbers and I love when members see the savings.”

Bryan said sometimes people buy a car and don’t think about the financing. “I get it — you find the car you love and everything else seems secondary.” But, as they start making those loan payments, they realize the loan payments don’t fit their budget. Bryan said he see’s interest rates as high as 18% (our current rate is as low as 2.64% APR, for comparison.)

Bottom line

Want to see how much you can save? Give Bryan a call at (415) 499-9780 and let him run the numbers for you. 

We deposit $5 to Kirby Club accounts

Pictured are two clever kids! They each opened a Kirby Kangaroo Club account and received a $5 deposit compliments of the credit union. We’ll be happy to do the same for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews up to age 12. Plus, they’ll get free Kirby Coin Banks to start them saving on their own.

Kirby Club members also earn rewards as their balances grow. It’s never too soon to get your kids in a saving habit, so open accounts today. Learn more here.

According to a 2019 National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey, just 55% of adults give themselves an A or B when grading their knowledge of personal finance, making the financial literacy of the next generation even more urgent. Learn 10 tips to teach the children in your life to save here.

Refinance your car loan to save money every month

We hear from folks every day who are stuck with high-cost bank or dealer auto loans. Luckily, we can help them refinance those loans to our much lower rate. 

As low as 2.46% APR for New, Used or Refinance

Call us at 415-499-9870 to see if we can save you money… and we’re sure we can. After that, it’s quick and easy to refinance and to keep more cash in your pocket. Or apply online here.

Annual Percentage Rate effective 10/1/20, subject to change and approval. Monthly payment per $1,000 for 60-month term at 2.64% APR: $18.01.

Proud to sponsor Pet Parade 

Our thanks to everyone who posted a picture of their beloved furry or feathered friends in the Marin Independent Journal’s Pet Parade. We not only enjoyed the pictures, we loved reading how they enriched your lives.

Congratulations to Daisy, Max and Elli (pictured above) who were selected as the winner of a $100 gift card to Woodlands Pet Food & Treats!

Here’s more about this winning trio : Daisy a 9 year old Chihuahua mix was adopted by us 2 years ago from the Paw Fund out of Berkeley. Both children were in college and she fills the gap of being an empty nester. She’s the best passenger in a car. Always happy to go along for the ride even up to Seattle to bring our son back to college. Max is a 15 year old orange tabby cat adopted from Marin Humane 14 1/2 years ago. He’s a huge cuddle bug. He’s happiest sitting on laps. Elli is a 5 year old King Charles mix adopted 4 years ago from Marin Humane. She was adopted for our daughter who is chronically ill. There isn’t a day that she doesn’t make her laugh or smile. All our pets are part of our family and our life wouldn’t be complete without them.

Do we have your current contact info?

As we’ve seen this year, being able to reach you quickly is very important. Please take a moment to call us at (415) 499-9780 or contact us here to make sure we have your current cell phone number and email address.