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What the HELOC?

If spending more time at home made you think, “This place could use some work,” our Home Equity Line of Credit can make it happen. Use our HELOC to replace old air conditioning, upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, install solar panels to reduce utility costs, or finally finish that bathroom remodel that’s been on your list.

And with all of us looking for ways to cut costs, this is also a great way to pay off high-cost debt. Our HELOC offers up to $300,000 at a super-low rate, and no annual fees.

Call 415/ 499-9780 or apply online here.

Message from our CEO

We strive to be a community asset our friends and neighbors can trust, so it’s gratifying when members take notice. For example, our member Paula recently wrote:

“ID thieves hacked my computer and made several debit charges before I could alert vendors. Marin County CU worked with me to stop the fraud. Thank you for being a bank with humanity. A large bank wouldn’t bother.”

That’s the key. We’re not a large bank. We’re a local financial institution focused on being the best choice for our members. Tell your friends about us; we’d love to welcome them to the family.

Elesja Callaghan

Keep the car, ditch the loan!

Looking for an easy way to cut costs? Start with the car in your garage. As many members have discovered, you can save by refinancing a high-cost bank or dealer auto loan with us.

Call us at 415-499-9870 to see if we can save you money… and we’re sure we can. After that, it’s quick and easy to refinance and to keep more cash in your pocket. Or apply online here.

Annual Percentage Rate effective 6/11/20, subject to change and approval. Monthly payment per $1,000 for 60-month term at 3.09% APR: $18.01.

Deposit checks from your phone to save time

Got a paper check to deposit? It’s as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone or tablet:

1. Download our Apple or Android Mobile Banking App at and activate it.

2. Endorse the check as you normally would, adding “For MCFCU Mobile Deposit Only.”

3. Click “Deposit” and follow prompts.

4. Take pictures of the front and back.

5. Follow prompts to complete deposit.

It’s that easy. Questions? Call us at 415/ 499-9780 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Ditch bank cards

Paying for purchases with a bank or store card? Chances are you’re paying a higher rate — and more interest — than you need to. Transfer other balances to our Visa Credit Card and start saving money every month. Just call us and we’ll take care of the rest.

How much could you save each month? Grab your statements and call us at 415- 499-9780!

More FREE ATMs than any bank

23 in Marin County. And 30,000 elsewhere. You’d think big national banks would have more ATMs than us. But they don’t. We have more. Use our ATM locator below or text a zipcode to 91989 and find the nearest ones.