Each month, our Good Plastic program will cover the adoption fee for a lovable critter available at Marin Humane. Learn about the pet we’ve sponsored here.


Kya is a remarkably smart and trainable little dog who needs lots of structure and management to go along with the love she seems to find with everyone who gets to know her.

Little Kya’s intrepid nature led her to leap off a deck and lose her left front leg. Previous to that adventure, she lived in two different homes, most likely because they underestimated her extreme abilities. Reminiscent of so many dogs found in shelters under the category of “misunderstood,” Kya is a diamond in the rough.  She isn’t just another pretty face, but has the brains to back it up. Many folks just look for cute and are surprised by a dog who requires focused training and structure. But for those who love the companionship of a smart cookie, you may have found your match.

She’s super sturdy despite her slender stature and tripod lifestyle. She loves toys, likes to play tug, will fetch and can learn new commands at lightning speed because she loves treats and has tremendous focus.

She has spent time in foster with other dogs, whom she attempts to bully. But showing her what she’s supposed to do, rather than scolding is the most effective management. She is, surprisingly, good with cats – at least the dog-savvy kind. Kya’s intense focus extends to people – she focuses on her one-and-only so can be rude to others. Again, this is very addressable. You’ll want to introduce new people slowly. Bring your treats for positive reinforcement.

A consult before adoption will help solidify these ideas and send you off with some support materials for giving Kya the great life she deserves.  Finally, Kya is house and crate trained!  Won’t you give this girl a chance?

Her Marin Humane Animal ID # is 226363. Call (415) 506-6225 for more details or to set up a visit.