Each month, our Good Plastic program will cover the adoption fee for a lovable critter available at Marin Humane. Learn about the pet we’ve sponsored here.


Guinea pigs Tyler and Drake were left in a box, fortunately unharmed, on someone’s doorstep. They are best friends and must be adopted together. It’s clear they have not been held much so their new family needs to goes nice and slow. If their new family has kids, parents should always supervise any interaction. GP’s have fragile backs and spines. If not held properly that can easily be injured.

GP’s are crepuscular…which means they are most active in the early morning, sleep during the day and are then active again late afternoon/early evening. GP’s enjoy chewing on wicker and wooden toys/blocks that you can get at pet stores. They also like to chew on toilet paper rolls that can also be stuffed with hay. They do not need treats or salt licks. Nail trims should be done about every 4-6 months.

Both boys will need time outside of their cage every day (inside your home of course). They need to stretch, but more importantly they need to get out for mental stimulation. Find a safe area in your home where they can’t get caught behind something or crawl into a small space. Put some towels down in case they “potty” and it’ll help with traction.

Besides needing daily attention and love, GP’s have specific dietary needs. They cannot produce Vitamin C which is critical to their health. You can get drops for the water, but it dilutes too quickly and it’s a waste of money. Most people buy them vitamin tablets to eat (we recommend Oxbow brand). If they won’t eat them, you can crush them, add water and then very slowly syringe feed it to them. (You can get syringe’s in the baby aisle at most grocery stores).

In addition to vitamin tablets make sure they get a large helping of fresh veggies every day. Those with a lot of Vitamin C are: Parsley, Lettuce (Romaine, Butter, Loose Leaf, NO Head Lettuce), Cilantro, Green or Red Peppers (just a few small slices), Dandelion Greens, small slice of Tomato or one Cherry Tomato. You can also give one baby Carrot three – four times a week. For fruit: a small piece of Cantaloupe, a small slice of Orange, Kiwi,Strawberry, Honeydew Melon. More Vitamin C options can be found at www.guinealynx.info. Remember that giving them Vitamin C is crucial to their health.

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