Pay off holiday purchases and save money in 2020 by transferring high-cost bank and store credit cards to our reliable and low-cost Visa Credit Card.

7.99% APR until balance paid off!

Any financial advisor will tell you to pay off your highest rate card first — and our card is the way to eliminate high-cost cards and save money every month. Transfer balances to our Visa Credit Card and pay just 7.99% APR on those balances until they’re paid off.

NO balance transfer fee
NO annual fee
NO cash advance fee

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Annual Percentage Rate effective 1/1/20 on balances transferred between 1/1/20 and 2/29/20. Balance transfers may not exceed available credit on MCFCU Visa Credit Card. Subject to approval. Existing MCFCU balances not eligible for transfer.

Did you know? We donate 1% of our Visa Credit Card’s net income to great local causes like Marin Humane. It’s why we call our card the good plastic.

Meet Duke the Therapy Cat

“Duke Ellington” Morris — the Therapy Cat — has been featured on television, People magazine,, and his Facebook video has been viewed nearly 12 million times.

As the star of the UCSF Medical Center’s animal-assisted therapy program, Duke, who is a rescue cat, can be found passing out cuddles and spirit-lifting purrs to critically ill patients.

He’s come to Marin County Federal Credit Union to raise money for Marin Humane and we’ll be sure to let you know when he’s coming back. Like us, Duke supports this great local group’s mission of providing animal care, human education and advocacy.

A card that helps Marin County

Visa Credit Card

We think our credit card’s low rate is great. But what if you can also help give back to Marin County every time you use it? We think that’s a win-win. Choose our card and you’ll enjoy:

• Great low rate
• No annual fee
• 1% given to local groups
• Credit lines to $25,000
• No balance transfer fees



Starting out or rebuilding a credit record can be difficult. Let us help with our Secured Visa Card. This credit card is backed by funds you deposit as collateral, with a credit limit based on how much you deposit. And the funds you deposit remain yours and even earn dividends. 

• No application fee
• No annual fee
• Same low rate as our regular credit card
• Unlike prepaid credit cards, payments are reported to credit bureaus so you build a credit record.
• 1% given to local groups



See all those pets on the top of this page? Thanks to our cardholders, we’ve paid the Marin Humane Adoption Fees for each of them and they have all found their furever home. Each year, at least 1% of our Visa Credit Card net income goes to support community groups.

What we’re doing

As you may know, last week a telecommunications provider cut the cable connection serving our offices and those around us.
While this event was out of our control, we’re taking steps now to help avoid service outages like this in the future.
We are having a second internet line installed, from a different provider, as a backup for our computers, phones, Home Banking and Mobile Banking platforms.
We know how important access to your accounts is and we want to do everything we can to avoid a service interruption like this.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call me at 415-499-9780‬‬‬, Ext. 413.

Elesja Callaghan, CEO