Just how much are you giving your bank?

We hate to say it, but it might be time to ditch your bank. They charge you high fees, have higher  loan rates and probably don’t even know your name. What kind of relationship is that?

Wondering if it’s worth changing? Check out the comparison shopping we did for you:

 MCCU Wells Fargo B of A Chase Bank Bank of Marin
Monthly Checking Fee $0 $10 $12 $12 $10
Credit Card Rate 10.65% 15.65-25.49% 11.49%-21.29% 14.49-24.24% 12.49%-23.49%
Balance Transfer Fee 0% 3% 3% 3%  3%
Used Auto Loan Rate 1.74% 3.88% 2.89% 3.19% Doesn’t offer auto loans
Number of free ATMs 30,000 13,000 15,900 16,000 24,000

Ready to ditch your bank?

We are here to make it easy. Call us now at 415-499-9780 or stop by our office and let us help you save money and ditch that profit-hungry bank.

Comparison table: All information gathered from respective bank websites 2/18-28/17 and subject to change and for illustration purposes only. All rates listed are Annual Percentage Rates. CHECKING ACCOUNTS: Wells Fargo=Everyday Checking; BofA=Core Checking; Chase: Total Checking; Bank of Marin: Personal Checking. Banks may require additional services to reduces/waive monthly fees. MCCU requires no additional services for free checking.  CREDIT CARDS: Banks may offer short-term rate discounts. This comparison is based on non-discounted rates. Bank cards may offer rewards. AUTO LOANS: Assumes 80% financing at MCCU, Chase and BofA; 85% at WFB. Banks may require additional services to reduce loan rate. MCCU requires no additional services for auto loan discount.