Pay off holiday purchases and save money in 2020 by transferring high-cost bank and store credit cards to our reliable and low-cost Visa Credit Card.

7.99% APR until balance paid off!

Any financial advisor will tell you to pay off your highest rate card first — and our card is the way to eliminate high-cost cards and save money every month. Transfer balances to our Visa Credit Card and pay just 7.99% APR on those balances until they’re paid off.

NO balance transfer fee
NO annual fee
NO cash advance fee

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Annual Percentage Rate effective 1/1/20 on balances transferred between 1/1/20 and 2/29/20. Balance transfers may not exceed available credit on MCFCU Visa Credit Card. Subject to approval. Existing MCFCU balances not eligible for transfer.

Did you know? We donate 1% of our Visa Credit Card’s net income to great local causes like Marin Humane. It’s why we call our card the good plastic.