We’ve paid Sugar’s adoption fee and hope you or someone you know can make Sugar part of the family.

Sugar is a sweetie. We’re in love with this big bun and think the best home for her would be a Zen-type and with older, calm children. She’s young and could live up to 10 or 12 years.

Rabbits are most active in the morning, tend to sleep during the day and then active again late afternoon/early evening. They need time out of their enclosure to burn off energy and to kick up their feet.

Getting out of their enclosure for two to threes hours a day is critical. Not only does it help with boredom, but it helps with moving their food through their system.

Stop by and get some sugar from this sweetie!

Call Marin Humane at (415) 506-6225 for information on Sugar or other wonderful pets waiting for a fur-ever home.